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About Us

Our Organization

34Years’ of serving in Afghanistan

Partners in Revitalization and Building (PRB) is a national, independent NGO founded in the year 1990. PRB is actively engaged in rehabilitation/ reconstruction, relief, and development in the north and central regions of Afghanistan. The agency is registered in the Ministry of Economics of the Afghan government under registration number 94 dated 06/10/2005. PRB is a member of ACBAR and a signatory of its code of conduct.

PRB supports this vision by providing services in the areas of Agriculture, livestock & animal health, skills training, community development, education, income generation, and Emergency and Humanitarian services. The agency conducts its activities through its head office in Kabul and field offices in Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jawzjan, Samangan, Sari Pul, and Badakhshan

To exercise authority, direction, and control of the organization in order to ensure its purpose is achieved, PRB is governed by two bodies, namely, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

PRB Constitution upon registration in MoE, PRB’s constitution was prepared according to the MoE format, which was approved by the said ministry. The English version of the constitution is enclosed with this document.

Our Mission

PRB mission is to alleviate poverty, empower marginalized communities, and advocate for gender equality. We work tirelessly to provide access to education, livelihood opportunities, and essential resources to uplift individuals and communities out of poverty. By addressing the root causes of poverty and promoting sustainable development, we aim to create a more equitable and just society.
Empower and support vulnerable farmers and herders to have more sustainable livelihoods and diverse incomes.
Enhance livelihoods and food security.
Work for economic justice and poverty alleviation.
React to humanitarian emergencies.
Working toward quantity and quality of education in Afghanistan.
Protecting the environment for sustainable development and appropriate use of natural resources.
Endeavor for human rights, democracy, and gender equity.

Our Values

The Values PRB will consider the following core values in all developmental activities as well as in its internal structure.
Diversity and non-discrimination.
Transparency and accountability.
Seek to achieve excellence.
Sustainability and positive impact.
Mutual respect and fairness.
Removing barriers to enable active participation of marginalized groups in society.
Care for environment.
Commitment to equality: Belief in equal opportunities for all genders in work and education as a driver for development and stability.


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