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Project TitleDonorLocationProject Status
Establishment of rice seed production projectUNDCPTaloqan/ TakharCompleted
Establishment of rice seed multiplication projectUSAID/ RAPTaloqan/ TakharCompleted
Corn seed multiplication projectUSAID/ RAPParwan/ KapisaCompleted
Wheat seed distribution projectUNDP/ FAOSorkhrod/ NagarharCompleted
Wheat seed distribution projectUNDP/ FAOkolangar/ LogarCompleted
Rice seed distribution projectUNDP/ FAPSorkhrod/ NagarharCompleted
Rice seed distribution projectUNDP/ FA0Khogyani/ NagarharCompleted
Corn seed multiplication & demonstration farmUSAID/ RAPMazari-Sharif /BalkhCompleted
Wheat seed, fertilizer distribution projectFAOJabul Saraj/ Parwan Completed
Wheat seed, fertilizer distribution projectFAOKohistan/ KapisaCompleted
Wheat seed multiplicationPRB/Private donorShakardara/ KabulCompleted
Multi sectoral product farm for development of agriculturePRB/Private donorMacro Rayan/ KabulCompleted
Forest NurseryPrivate donorKabulCompleted
Wheat seed multiplication & Abas Khel canalPrivate donorDeh Murad Khan District7Completed
Forest Nursery programPrivateKabulCompleted
Distribution of wheat seed in district 7PrivateKabulCompleted
Improved wheat seed distribution PrivateChardehi/ KabulCompleted
Cooperative development in Afghanistan (extension)PrivateKabulCompleted
Dairy developmentFAOKabul cityCompleted
Wheat seed multiplication/ production project PRBKabul cityCompleted