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Partners in Revitalization and Building (formerly Pamir Reconstruction Bureau), PRB, a non -governmental organization was established in July 1990 by a group of Afghan experts headed by Eng. Mohammad Kabir. PRB since its inception supported sustainable economic and social recovery in its area of operation. Also PRB committed to peace building stability in Afghanistan by improving the basic living conditions for the people of rural and urban parts of the country.

The organization is committed in restoration of peace, security and good governance in Afghanistan. It supports and facilities the efforts of the people of Afghanistan to rebuild their country and attain and realize their basic human rights irrespective of religion, ethnicity, group , party affiliation, creed and gender.

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A mission headed by PRB regional manager based Mazar visited the seven districts of Faryab including: Andkhoi, Qarmqul, Qurghan, Khancharbagh, Shrin more
A mission of was dispatched to Baghlan, Kunduz and Takhar to oversee the termination of livestock extension program in the said provinces. PRB was handling the veterinary field unit( VFUs) in all districts of the mentioned provinces. Due funding constraints PRB is unable to monitor these VFUs , however they are still functioning . read more