General Principles

  • We are committed to comply strictly with international humanitarian principles and human rights law.
  • Our work is based on the principle of DO NO HARM and it focuses on responding to emergencies, to chronic needs, reducing the impact of disasters and climate change, and dealing with the root causes of poverty, meeting basic needs, and enabling communities to become resilient and self-sufficient.
  • We are accountable to those whom we seek to assist, to those providing the resources, and to legal authorities.
  • We are transparent in our dealings with the government and community partners, the public, donors and other interested parties.
  • We are independent and we strive to maintain our autonomy according to Afghan and international law, and to resist the imposition of constitutionality or corrupt practices that may compromise our missions and principles.
  • We will not discriminate against any individual or group on the grounds of gender, political affiliation, ethnic origin, religious belief or sexual orientation.

Operating principles

  • The focus of our work is to contribute to the empowerment of communities for the improvement in the quality of life of the people of Afghanistan.
  • We respect the Constitution and laws of Afghanistan and work within them.
  • We will not engage in any partisan political activities within Afghanistan.
  • We respect the dignity of the people of Afghanistan: their cultures, religions and customs.
  • We work with the poor and marginalized people of Afghanistan based on need alone, and not on any political, ethnic and tribal, or religious basis.
  • We ensure that our assistance is transparent and strive to involve beneficiaries and their communities in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programmes.
  • We recruit staff on the basis of suitability and qualification for the job according to the law, not on the basis of political, ethnic, religious, gender or personal interests.
  • We are performance-oriented to achieve the best possible results based on targets and achievements agreed with those we work for/with and those we mobilize resources from; we welcome objective evaluation of our work.
  • We seek to assist people and communities to solve their own problems. We encourage    and   enable   the development of self-reliance and advance the right of people to fully participate in decisions that affect their lives.
  • We are committed to effectiveness and to maximizing the positive impact of our programs. We avoid duplication of services and coordinate with all stakeholders.
  • We exercise to the best of our capacity a responsible and responsive approach to the care of the physical and natural environment and to the proper management of Afghanistan’s eco-systems in all our activities.
  • We monitor and evaluate the impact of our programs and clearly communicate findings with affected stakeholders.
  • We develop and maintain sound procurement and financial policies, audits, and systems in order to manage our accounts.
  • We maintain and   make available   public   reports   on governance, finance and   activities upon   request   by relevant and interested parties.
  • We carry out our activities consistent with our stated missions.

(adapted from ACBAR)

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