A value chain is the series of activities required to bring a product from its design and manufacture to consumers. Including small-holder farmers and women in value chains and ensuring that they receive their fair share of profit means a more equal share for everyone as a country’s economy grows. For example, in Balkh and Herat, Badakshan PRB successfully engaged Local Shurra, CDCs, district governor and national ministries to help local economic development.

PRB is pursuing a market-oriented agricultural development strategy to increase agricultural production and improve the livelihoods of smallholders. An approach to development which puts at the centre the interrelatedness of actors in the value chain who – separated by time and space – gradually add value to products and services as they pass from one link in the chain to the next

Women’s Economic Empowerment

PRB defines women’s economic empowerment as the process by which women increase their right to economic resources and power to make decisions that benefit themselves, their families and their communities. Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a path for poverty reduction and for equality between men and women. We empower women to build better livelihoods, earn more income, and create businesses that provide jobs and boost local economies.

  • Income-generating, skill training, human rights, micro finance, empowerment of women, girls and, BNW training, and all type training for job creation and livelihood enhancement.
  • Enhancing skills of poor families especially women through establishing skill development centers and provision of skills in various marketable trades.
  • Increasing level of incomes through small enterprise development and linkages building with support system, marketing of products prepared especially women through conduct and participation in exhibitions.
  • Development of gender based food and agriculture value chain
  • Organizing training of farmers in improved and sustainable methods of cultivation, efficient water usage, poultry forming, livestock management
  • Raising awareness on Kitchen gardening and establishment of nurseries

Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

It is important part of project: mobilization of local communities, peace building, capacity building, advocacy and public awareness, gender awareness human right, women and girls right and conflict resolution.

Strengthening Gender Equality and Women’s Voice

Based on PRB ’s commitment to the rights of all people to live free from poverty, we promote the empowerment of women and girls, and engage with men and boys, to transform unequal power relationships and address gender inequality. We place particular emphasis on strengthening the voice of women and girls and enabling them to influence the decisions that affect their lives. We support women’s struggles to achieve their full and equal human rights, including girls’ right to education. This includes balancing practical, daily, individual achievements with long-term efforts to challenge unequal social rules and institutions. PRB supports local actors, particularly women, to build trust within and between communities. We seek to amplify women’s voices at higher decision-making levels. We also focus on preventing sexual and gender-based violence and provide support and counselling to women survivors.