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The first phase of LRRD (Linking Relief and Rehabilitation to Development) project in Badakshan, funded by Oxfam GB/EC, was completed at the end of March 2013. A two month extension was granted to allow comprehensive review and evaluation by the donor agency. The project performance evaluation is under process and a satisfactory result is expected. Based on the evaluation the second year of the project will be granted to PRB. LRRD project is implemented by two OGB partners (PRB and BVWO) in Faizabad (Jawzgon valley) and Argo districts of Badakshan. The project is planned for three years and aims to Enhanced and stabilised livelihoods for poor and vulnerable households in Faizabad and Argo Districts of Badakhshan Province.

Faryab and Juzjan

Survey in the north-western provinces A survey team from Kabul and Mazar offices conducted a thorough survey in Jawzjan and Faryab provinces. The team had various meetings with the relevant authorities, CDCs and communities. In most of the districts of the two provinces the priorities and findings to enhance the livelihood of the communities are: • Need to train on Livestock Management Techniques • Increased livestock production through breeding and artificial insemination • Need to increase the number of BVWs in the villages • Strengthen the animal heal health sector • Introduction of new and productive breeds of sheep and karakul • Agriculture development through establishment of orchard and crop demonstration plots, introduction of drip irrigation, extension of backyard gardening, nursery establishment, seed banks and irrigation rehabilitation.


Follow-up and monitoring of the projects earlier completed in Takhar province. A team from the main office was dispatched to Takhar province to monitor the irrigation structures constructed through facilitation of PRB. Also the impact of seed and fertilizer distributed for spring cultivation was evaluated by the team. The team reported the structures to be operative and fully functioning. They met with the community Shuras and the authorities and had long discussions regarding the maintenance of the structures.